Maui Vacation: Getting There

Our first Hawaii vacation started with a 7:30 AM flight out, non-stop from SJC to OGG, Kahalui, Maui on Alaska Airlines, oddly enough. We were fortunate enough to have a flight that was maybe 60% full and the gate agent was an angel and blocked out 2 empty seats for the twins so that [...]

A big shout-out to my wife

It’s 2039 hours and all the kids are finally in bed — not all asleep, but hopefully soon.

Valerie is in Utah to put her grandfather to rest; may he rest in peace. In preparation for leaving, she practically spoon-fed me everything I’d need to get through the next 36 hours: 4 night diapers for the twins,  [...]

Sandy Eggo trip log, Part 1

Call us crazy, but, we loaded up the Bee and the Twinkies and ~200 pounds worth of stroller, diapers, luggage, pack-n-play, and camera gear and were on the open road at 0645 — which was a miracle all in itself considering we didn’t get our “pre-trip todo list” finished until midnight.  When the Twinks woke up [...]

For the record — I’m utterly pooped today

For the singleton parents out there, let me just say that having twins is not twice the effort of having a single baby and puts a distintly non-linear increase of stress on parents of multiples. My present state of sleep deprivation is doing nothing to help this opinion.

I didn’t sleep prior to the 1 AM feeding, [...]

Allow me to introduce: Baby A and Baby B

Last Monday, Valerie went in for her first pregnancy check-up, which happens around the 10 week time frame. This is when they confirm the due date and you get the first sonogram picture of the baby.

I was supposed to be there but the doctor’s office was running late and I couldn’t wait. I was [...]