Oshkosh Trip: Epilogue

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Some trip facts

Mileage: 5230 on the odometer (GPS was almost always on, but, not quite)
Stops for gas: 39, or ~134 miles [...]

Oshkosh Trip day 19

Day 19: The last push home — 406 miles

Sadly, this trip came to an end on this last day of travel.

The day started with a happy toddler that awoke in her giant “hooo tell” sized bed, as she likes to call it. After packing up the baby cribs and toys and other stuff you can’t live without when traveling with kids, we made a quick stop into the motel breakfast to get some food in the tiny grumbly tummies.

Maia (oldest at 3) saw the cereal bin full “multi-colored Ohhs” (ala Fruit Loops), and she was very excited and wanted to try them. She doesn’t get sugar-bomb cereal at home, and she most certainly doesn’t get it just prior to being cooped up in a car all day. Bad parent that I am, I lied to her and said it was yucky and we couldn’t eat it, but the flake cereal was OK.

With a long, dejected look of disappointed, she proffered that maybe we should try and see if it really was yucky. To which, I assured her it was yucky and prepared a bowl of corn flakes for her.

Later, Maia keenly observed someone getting a bowl of Fruit Loops and she was very concerned that other people were eating the “yucky” cereal and maybe we should throw it away to keep even more people from getting the yucky cereal. Hmmm, this is why you don’t tell “little” white lies to your kids…

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 12

Day 12: Butte, MT to Weiser, ID — 470 miles

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 11

Day 11: Bowman, ND to Butte, MT — 522 miles

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We got out of Bowman early as we had a fairly full day’s worth of miles to cover to get to Butte.

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 10

Day 10: Watertown, SD — Bowman, ND — 360 miles

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We got a fairly latish start, getting out of the motel about 0930 local time — which could only be my doing as Dad’s an early bird. Of course, no sooner than we’re out the door, we have to make the mandatory Starbucks run, and I can’t remember why Dad wouldn’t have gotten his fix already, given the hour.

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 9

Day 9 — Beaver Dam, WI to Watertown, SD — 502 Miles

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Our time at the show ended before it got old. I could have easily stayed another day and visited the seaplane base, or just explored more of the show at Whittman. But, my wife was hauling the kids up to Idaho, and truth-be-told, I was missing the family a bit. Also, my sister was due to have her baby any moment now. All things considered, we decided to hit the road and make it an easier 4 day trop to Idaho rather than take in more of the show and have hurry back in 3 days.

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 8

Second day of Airventure 2009

Today promised to be a good day weather wise. The sun was out, the temps were perfect, the humidity was down — it was just a beautiful show day.

Manly engine — How does 600HP (500HP continuous use) of turbo-charged V8 oomph tickle your fancy?

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/8.0, 1/1000sec, 42mm focal L., map

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 7

Opening day of Airventure 2009

I know you’re all hungry to see airplane pics, so, let’s just get to it…

Name that airplane — It’s the plane I shall buy when I win the lottery — the *big* lottery! Seats about 12 (depending on configuration).

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.5, 1/800sec, 48mm focal L., map

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 6

Cedar Rapids, IA to Oshkosh, WI, to Beaver Dam — 327 Miles

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 5

Day 5 — Omaha, NE to Cedar Rapids, IA — 312 Miles

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