Maui Vacation: Getting There

Our first Hawaii vacation started with a 7:30 AM flight out, non-stop from SJC to OGG, Kahalui, Maui on Alaska Airlines, oddly enough. We were fortunate enough to have a flight that was maybe 60% full and the gate agent was an angel and blocked out 2 empty seats for the twins so that [...]

Pacific Northwest Road trip — Part 3

OK, so, it’s not quite a year ago (yet) that we did this, but, you know, the pictures keep the memories fresh. Here’s part 1 and part 2 for those that aren’t so fresh.

After the dismal night’s sleep in Chemult, OR, we headed for the Lava Cast Forest to start day 3′s adventures.  Takes 9 miles [...]

A big shout-out to my wife

It’s 2039 hours and all the kids are finally in bed — not all asleep, but hopefully soon.

Valerie is in Utah to put her grandfather to rest; may he rest in peace. In preparation for leaving, she practically spoon-fed me everything I’d need to get through the next 36 hours: 4 night diapers for the twins,  [...]

Sinking in

After Maia finished dinner last night, she was excused while Valerie and I finished up. A couple of minutes later, Maia ambled back in and said, “It’s time to put on PJ’s and brush teeth and read a story and lay down with Moosey and go night night. What do you think about that?”

To which, Valerie [...]

Days without accident: 1

Today was day 3 of Maia’s potty training (revisited), and we have a new milestone:  it was her first accident free day wearing big-girl pants!

For the non-parents out there, let me just state that parenting is at least 75% dealing with the bodily functions of your children. There’s nothing sacred about it — so if you [...]

Sandy Eggo trip log, Part 1

Call us crazy, but, we loaded up the Bee and the Twinkies and ~200 pounds worth of stroller, diapers, luggage, pack-n-play, and camera gear and were on the open road at 0645 — which was a miracle all in itself considering we didn’t get our “pre-trip todo list” finished until midnight.  When the Twinks woke up [...]

If the potty was like batting averages, Maia would go pro

We gave potty training an earnest try yesterday. Maia batted a 429 for the day. Not a bad start.

But, today started with a revolt followed by incessant bouts of giggling and screaming — combinations that do not lend themselves to relaxing for the call of nature. Ohh well, back in the diapers for a [...]


We recently installed a “night vision” camera in Maia’s room.  It’s been rather telling about what happens when we turn the light off and say “good night”.  Now we no longer have to wait for the tell tale sounds of toys to know she’s off on a mission gathering sundries to extend her wakefulness.

This 1 hour [...]

Pacific Northwest travel log, day 2

At only 212 miles covered, day 2 was all about Crater Lake.

We awoke from our caboose cabin and Maia was happily asleep in her locker private room which gave Valerie and I a peaceful morning to ease into the day while the sun peaked over the mountainous horizon. When Maia awoke, she was excited to be [...]