Building pannier hardmounts for a BMW F800

The thought of spending over $1k for the BMW panniers (that aren’t even water proof) is totally absurd to me. Other aftermarket options add up to >$700+ by the time you buy the special F800 adapter frame for them.  I guess I just couldn’t justify such expense for something that will only get put on the [...]

More resources on low-power computing

The Via Epia mini-ITX boards are some of the lowest power around. has a power simulator that’s good for comparing the differences in boards.

Although, I’ve noticed that the VB7001G board I’m using has inconsistent results on the calculator — 16.23 watts idle versus 13.92 in “network mode”. Take it for what it’s worth.

While [...]

GE Adora front loading washer does not drain

Just over a year ago, we bought a new G.E. Adora front loading washer (WHDVH626FWW to be exact) and, for the most part, it’s been a great unit. Very quiet except during the fastest spin cycles.

Twice in the last year it has stopped in the middle of a load and failed to drain the water out [...]