SOLD — Chrysler water-pump project parts for sale

Update: Parts are sold — thank you Chris!

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osh-kosh route planning

A few roads/places that would be fun to hit:

Mt Evens ( — Lots of pics Fred Langa’s ride report on it here.
Independance Pass — HWY 82 between Aspen and Leadville, CO.  Ride report here. More info [...]

RTFM on the new car

Most car owner’s manuals are a drivel of common sense stuff and lawyer induced warnings. There were actually a few interesting tidbits that I learned.

This was from a 2005 Jetta, but probably applies to most A4′s.

The power windows can all be opened/closed simultaneously using the key externally. With the key in the door, turn and hold [...]

New Fuzz Ball

Valerie has been working with a small animal shelter to find a cat that is worthy of replacing our two that were abducted about 6 months ago by some coward in the neighborhood. I’ll spare you the details of how we came to learn this, but suffice it to say, the coolest cat I’d ever known [...]

In tribute to Lex

As an avid reader of, and occasional commenter at Neptunus Lex, it makes me a true interloper. The man has a gift for writing and an incredible ability to keep abreast of world events, offering thoughtful (provoking, even) commentary from a point of view that Just Makes Sense. Lex is the very reason that I don’t [...]

Yet another blog?

Yeah, it probably is; but, I’d like to think not. For instance, don’t come here looking for a daily snapshot of my life, my political views, or rants about whatever might be happening in the world. Most of the later will be covered better than I could give proper justice in the others blogs that are [...]