Oshkosh prep list

Mid July is coming faster than I’d think it will. 6K miles of adventure are not going to get ready all by themselves.

For the bike:

Tool kit
Tire repair kit
Tire inflation kit
Bar risers
First aid kit
GPS mount, wire power + weatherproof kit
Throttle lock
Rain gear
summer riding jacket (& pants?)
New helmet
Do a 7-800 mile day for comfort check
Oil change (just [...]

*sigh* 1099

That’s how many pictures are currently in my “unsaved” folder and need to be processed into Lightroom and potentially uploaded into the gallery.

The real shame is the dread it gives me when picking up the camera. Moments with the girls that will never happen again, yet, that dread stops me from pressing the shutter release. [...]

Summer Road Trip

Click to open larger map.

2200 miles, not counting side trips. We are looking at ~14 days time. Traveling with Maia (2 years old), we trying to keep any one day’s driving to less than 6 hours.

Leaving Friday. Visit Lake Shasta Dam. Daily tours, most likely options are 1:00, 2:15, or 3:30. No cameras [...]

Alaska cruise pre-trip notes and planning

Check-in Sunday 12-3 PM. Depart 4 PM. Sea day all of Monday.


Tuesday, arrive 6:30 AM, depart 4:30 PM. Port is about 2 miles from the heart of town as shown here (no less than 4 cruise ships in the lower right!). Looks like a good place to try to rent a plane — currently [...]

Books to read

I’m tired of trying to recall some book I heard about that I want to read, and not remembering it. Without further ado, in no particular order:

“The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race In America” by Shelby Steele
Frank Kingston Smith’s “Weekend Pilot”
Buck’s “North Star over My Shoulder”
“Fate is the Hunter” by Ernie [...]