Place your bets

It’s time to start recording all the speculation on Baby A and Baby B.

Nieves: 2 girls.
Margaret: >= 1 boy.
Valerie: 1 of each.
Rick: 1 of each by way of a dream, where he trains them to be Jedi knights
Kevin: 2 girls
Natalie: 1 of each
Arielle: 1 of each, from comment.
Mark G: 2 girls, because he things [...]

Allow me to introduce: Baby A and Baby B

Last Monday, Valerie went in for her first pregnancy check-up, which happens around the 10 week time frame. This is when they confirm the due date and you get the first sonogram picture of the baby.

I was supposed to be there but the doctor’s office was running late and I couldn’t wait. I was [...]

Fun videos

This video on advertising rates in New York tickles my, “huh” button.

This drag race of a Eurofighter and a Bugatti Veyron proves nothing, but it was great fun speculating which one was going to win.

And finally, I hope these guys know a good orthopedic surgeon to fix their knees if they keep it up.

Happy Washington and [...]

Here I sit in line for a Nintendo Wii

But, the good news is I’m about number 17 in line and supposedly they have ninety of them behind the glass doors. It’s a festive atmosphere with rosy noses all around from the pre-dawn chill. I arrived at 0610; the head of the line arrived at 0330. There are at least a dozen people behind me [...]

Greedy Leech

My work likes to throw a bone to the slaves every now and then by doing “Early Bird Bagels” on Friday at 0730 — rewarding those that get to work at a reasonable hour. On occasion, they even throw an afternoon beer bash for no particular reason. The later is always appreciated by [...]

Schipol Airport

Work sent me off to Stuttgart Germany for a workshop on super computing — something I don’t really know a thing about, but, was determined to pick up some useful tidbits. It was a 3 PM flight from SFO to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. I hardly slept a wink mostly because the guy seated behind [...]

Dishwasher project from hell

Several years ago we bought a new-to-us dishwasher that happened to come with a postage stamp of property and a roof that mostly didn’t leak. As you can imagine, we had sentimental attachments to this dishwasher, blindly overlooking its progressively worsening issues; never mind that you couldn’t hear yourself think while it was running. Nearly [...]

20/20 Hindsight

Bill and Maria’s Halloween party in 2000 turned out to be a rather important shindig for several people; it’s where Valerie and I met for the first time. But this party isn’t special entirely because of that. No, it has certain traditions that have happened nearly ever year since then:

There is far more booze than needed, [...]