Annual trip to the pumpkin patch

Working through the picture back-log … cleared out 80+ this evening. Only 1640 left to work through. But, on a plus note, there are now 2 new photo galleries posted — Woo hoo!

Pumpkin Patch 2008
Pumpkin Patch 2009

The twinsoes must really hate the stroller. This is how they’ll “remember” their first visit to Spina Farms [...]

Cheeky GPS Routing

Recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS for the car/motorcycle. All in all, it’s lived up to expectations and does the advertised job. But, it’s not without quirks and annoyances.

It came with a 3-month teaser introduction to the Clear Channel FM traffic service which allows the GPS to “intelligently” determine how bad traffic is and reroute [...]

Sinking in

After Maia finished dinner last night, she was excused while Valerie and I finished up. A couple of minutes later, Maia ambled back in and said, “It’s time to put on PJ’s and brush teeth and read a story and lay down with Moosey and go night night. What do you think about that?”

To which, Valerie [...]

Days without accident: 1

Today was day 3 of Maia’s potty training (revisited), and we have a new milestone:  it was her first accident free day wearing big-girl pants!

For the non-parents out there, let me just state that parenting is at least 75% dealing with the bodily functions of your children. There’s nothing sacred about it — so if you [...]

For the record — I’m utterly pooped today

For the singleton parents out there, let me just say that having twins is not twice the effort of having a single baby and puts a distintly non-linear increase of stress on parents of multiples. My present state of sleep deprivation is doing nothing to help this opinion.

I didn’t sleep prior to the 1 AM feeding, [...]

If the potty was like batting averages, Maia would go pro

We gave potty training an earnest try yesterday. Maia batted a 429 for the day. Not a bad start.

But, today started with a revolt followed by incessant bouts of giggling and screaming — combinations that do not lend themselves to relaxing for the call of nature. Ohh well, back in the diapers for a [...]


We recently installed a “night vision” camera in Maia’s room.  It’s been rather telling about what happens when we turn the light off and say “good night”.  Now we no longer have to wait for the tell tale sounds of toys to know she’s off on a mission gathering sundries to extend her wakefulness.

This 1 hour [...]

Chris gets the boat out

While visiting Chris last week, we spent a bit of time getting a some of the gremlins chased out of his boat. Hopefully, he’ll get the last one figured out soon with the proper fuel mapping of the computer.

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

Here’s a higher-quality [...]

RTFM on the new car

Most car owner’s manuals are a drivel of common sense stuff and lawyer induced warnings. There were actually a few interesting tidbits that I learned.

This was from a 2005 Jetta, but probably applies to most A4′s.

The power windows can all be opened/closed simultaneously using the key externally. With the key in the door, turn and hold [...]

Overheard on the airport PA

“This is your final boarding call for flight 1347 at gate A9 going to”, short pause, “dez mone aze”.

Must be new to [...]