*sigh* 1099

That’s how many pictures are currently in my “unsaved” folder and need to be processed into Lightroom and potentially uploaded into the gallery.

The real shame is the dread it gives me when picking up the camera. Moments with the girls that will never happen again, yet, that dread stops me from pressing the shutter release. [...]

Orlando, FL

My work sends me off to IEEE meetings in order to help shape the future of Ethernet as favorably as possible for the company. The later is often tough to manage with certain evil empires bringing their hordes to reign influence and vote stuffing everywhere they can.

I found myself with some free time this evening [...]

Nikon D70 mirror return problem — “Err” message

September 2004 I bought a Nikon D70. Techincally, it’s been a great camera and had done a superb job for the 3500+ photos I’ve shot with it. However, I’ve had a problem where the mirror fails to return to the “down” position after taking an exposure. The LCD flashes the message “Err” when this happens, which, [...]