More resources on low-power computing

The Via Epia mini-ITX boards are some of the lowest power around. has a power simulator that’s good for comparing the differences in boards.

Although, I’ve noticed that the VB7001G board I’m using has inconsistent results on the calculator — 16.23 watts idle versus 13.92 in “network mode”. Take it for what it’s worth.

While [...]

Thinking …

If I get the bug to build a new MythBox. The Asus M2A-VM motherboard coupled with the 45 Watt AMD Athlon X2 BE2350 would make a nice low-power combo. This report shows total system power of 59 W idle, and 87 W max. Not shabby considering the 2.8Ghz P4 system serving this very web [...]

MythTV unresponsive/lags with remote

Currently chasing this nagging issue: MythTV responds almost instantly when using the keyboard, but it lags (at best) when pressing a button on the remote. And it’s more than a lag, it actually seams to queue several button presses and then respond to each command all at once. Incidentally, this was never a problem prior to [...]

pchdtv 5500 tuner card setup

The pcHDTV 5500 tv tuner capture card allows Linux users the ability to record television broadcasts using an antenna or from cable. Using MythTV the setup is fairly straight forward, at least, it should have been…

Once it is installed, the first thing is to get the listing service setup. Seams simple enough with not-for-profit Schedules Direct [...]

LIRC Serial

It seams that everytime I install a new version of Fedora, I always have to fidget with LIRC to get the remote to work again. At one point I was making a symbolic link from /dev/lirc -> /dev/lircd (if I recall correctly) or some other sillyness in modprobe.conf to fix symptoms similar*[1] to this from [...]

Blue border around mplayer videos

I’ve been using MythTV for quite some time now as simple way to integrate music and video playback from a home theater PC. It’s a fine package that interfaces with a single remote to operate the entire entertainment center.

But, like most things linux based, it seams that there’s always some tweak needed to make things [...]