The open road: 2010 summer trip day 3

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Day 3: Tropic, UT to Ouray, CO — 528 Miles

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The open road: 2010 summer trip day 2

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Day 2: Tonopah, NV to Tropic, UT — 406 Miles

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Last year I passed through Tonopah around breakfast time and found a very limited few choices. The motel clerk recommended the restaurant at the Ramada and it was indeed better than the Banc Club. The Ramada was practically like a mining museum with all sorts of equipment stashed throughout for decor. I had a few burdensome quarters that I intended to lighten from pockets on the way through the casino, but not a single one armed bandit accepted quarters. Very few actually had any vestige of an arm for which to pick your pocket with.

And yet, one of them somehow managed to lighten my wallet of a dollar bill — guess that’s why they don’t take coins any more…

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The open road: 2010 Summer trip day 1

And so begins the tale of what turned into a 7K mile motorcycle adventure on my trusty 2008 BMW F800ST. The “final” destination is Oshkosh, WI to catch the big airshow that happens each year around the end of July. Some of you may be thinking this all sounds so familiar, but, with an extra week, 40% more miles, better roads, more solo time, more destinations, and … Let’s just say turned into a much different trip for me than the prior year’s adventure.

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The route — a little teaser of what’s to come ….

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Oshkosh Trip: Epilogue

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Some trip facts

Mileage: 5230 on the odometer (GPS was almost always on, but, not quite)
Stops for gas: 39, or ~134 miles [...]

Oshkosh Trip day 19

Day 19: The last push home — 406 miles

Sadly, this trip came to an end on this last day of travel.

The day started with a happy toddler that awoke in her giant “hooo tell” sized bed, as she likes to call it. After packing up the baby cribs and toys and other stuff you can’t live without when traveling with kids, we made a quick stop into the motel breakfast to get some food in the tiny grumbly tummies.

Maia (oldest at 3) saw the cereal bin full “multi-colored Ohhs” (ala Fruit Loops), and she was very excited and wanted to try them. She doesn’t get sugar-bomb cereal at home, and she most certainly doesn’t get it just prior to being cooped up in a car all day. Bad parent that I am, I lied to her and said it was yucky and we couldn’t eat it, but the flake cereal was OK.

With a long, dejected look of disappointed, she proffered that maybe we should try and see if it really was yucky. To which, I assured her it was yucky and prepared a bowl of corn flakes for her.

Later, Maia keenly observed someone getting a bowl of Fruit Loops and she was very concerned that other people were eating the “yucky” cereal and maybe we should throw it away to keep even more people from getting the yucky cereal. Hmmm, this is why you don’t tell “little” white lies to your kids…

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Oshkosh Trip: day 18

Day 13-18: Hang’n around Weiser, ID and the start of the trip home. — 342 miles

Dad and I got home to Weiser on a Saturday evening. The stomach bug was working its way through my family at a rate of one person per day, starting with one of the twins. I was the last person to come down with it in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. It’d knock you down for 24 hours and then you’d be back to normal. Well, normal minus all your energy since you weren’t able to keep anything down for the previous day.

As nice as it was to be back home visiting my folks, it was mostly an exercise in disinfecting the house in hopes of keeping others from getting sick. It sort-of worked since Mom and Dad, thankfully, managed to avoid it and we also managed to avoid re-infections of those that already had it (which, sounds odd, but we’d heard anecdotal evidence that this was happening with this particular bug).

Living in the SF Bay area, it’s easy to forget about severe weather — it just happens so rarely there. This particular week, there were all sorts of evening storms that rolled through western Idaho. I could do without the fires they cause, but, I’m fascinated by lightning storms. I tried to capture it for the first time and I found it to be rather difficult to get the shot. Between the wind and the rain, I wasn’t well situated to get the best view of the most likely places it was striking. Below was from Monday night (8/3/09):

Sparks — Don’t see these often in San Jose.

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/25.0, 30sec, 27mm focal L.

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 12

Day 12: Butte, MT to Weiser, ID — 470 miles

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Happy 5th Anniversary

(pardon the brief interruption from the Oshkosh trip to get this done while it’s fresh)

Valerie worked out a deal for our 5th anniversary that we could get 36 contiguous hours of baby sitting (some paid, some graciously offered by family) which would give us a night away from our 3 lovely kiddos and enough [...]

Oshkosh Trip: Day 11

Day 11: Bowman, ND to Butte, MT — 522 miles

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We got out of Bowman early as we had a fairly full day’s worth of miles to cover to get to Butte.

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Oshkosh Trip: Day 10

Day 10: Watertown, SD — Bowman, ND — 360 miles

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We got a fairly latish start, getting out of the motel about 0930 local time — which could only be my doing as Dad’s an early bird. Of course, no sooner than we’re out the door, we have to make the mandatory Starbucks run, and I can’t remember why Dad wouldn’t have gotten his fix already, given the hour.

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