Carbon dioxide usage for brewing

I was wondering how long the CO2 tank should last when used for both carbonating and serving the beer.  The carbonation consumption is not insignificant.


1 keg is 5 gallons
Carbonating to 2.2 volumes
Dispensing at 40°F
Dispensing at 12 PSI

There’s 0.134 cu ft/gallon. Thus, 5 gallon is 0.67 cu ft.

2.2 “volumes” means there is 2.2*0.67 = 1.47 cu ft [...]

Double Chocolate Nibbed Stout

I needed a nice holiday brew to get me into the new year. Thus, I venture into uncharted territory at the Flight Path Brewery — a chocolate milk stout. The recipe is adapted from this, but, it’s a bit light on the grain bill, and I have a trick up my sleeve that I think [...]

Kona Firerock Pale Ale clone

Brewed this up today.

Batch #13, brewed 11/07/2010:

Subbed RAHR 2 row instead of Maris Otter pale malt
2.2#  Munich instead of 2.0
0.6# Cara-pils instead of 0.5
Used Centennial instead of the Mt. Hood for the aromatics.
Cascades were only 5% vs the 7.8% called for. Didn’t have extra to increase with.
7G mash water. Strike of 168˚F. Mashed at [...]

Oktoberfest Altbier

For the Gemini Crickets annual action, I donated a batch of home brew beer to be auctioned off. The winning bidder, Bill, was very excited since he’d been wanting to learn about brewing. He chose to do an Oktoberfest which is a lager and not within my capabilities since I don’t have a [...]

Linus meets the Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin does exist. It doesn’t distribute toys; instead it makes a nice fall beer to get us to the holidays.   I always look forward to Buffalo Bill’s pumpkin beer, but, I’m not trying to make a clone of it.  Instead, I mostly followed this recipe, and some advice from here, as well.

I have fresh [...]

The Ginger Highlands

Inspired by Highlands Hollow ginger wheat beer, I was under special request to make something similar.  Spoke with the bartender, and he had some idea about how it was made: 75% 2-row; 25% wheat; 3# fresh ginger in a 217G batch added during the last 5-10 minutes of the boil; wasn’t too sure on the hops, [...]

Allagash White clone

Needed a good hot summer day beer and was recently reminded of the Allagash White.  Should have followed this recipe more closely since the one I used was based on an extract recipe.  The gravity is a bit low and the real deal uses a blend of malted and raw wheat.

Batch #8, brewed 6/20/10:

5.25 Gallon batch
5.5# [...]

Mojave Red

Tried out this recipe.

Ingredients actually used:

8lb 8oz American Two-row
8 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt – 80L
8 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt – 60L
8 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt – 40L
4 oz Melanoidin Malt (german)
2 oz Carafa II special (german)
1 oz Roasted Barley (british)

60 mins 1 oz Palisades pellet 8.0
20 mins 0.5oz Sterling leaf [...]

Centennial Blonde

Got crazy with the cheese whiz and decided to try my hand at all-grain brewing. Found this recipe and thought I’d give it a try. Due to availability, this is what I ended up with:

7# RAHR 2-row malt
0.75# CaraFoam (should be Cara-pils)
0.5# Crystal 15L
0.5# German Vienna
1 package Safeale US-05
1 oz Centennial hops @8.3% (scheduled [...]

Newcastle Clone

Newcaslte Nut Brown Ale is made from a blend of two different beers.  Working from this recipe as my guide, I’m attempting to do a single-batch replication using extract.

4# light dry malt extract
0.6# corn sugar
0.5# Carapils malt
0.5# Crystal malt 15L
0.5# Crystal malt 60L
0.33# Belgium Special B 180L
0.25# Chocolate malt 350L
0.5oz Target hops 11% boil for full [...]