Visit to the SF-88 Nike Missile Site

Among the little known gems in the bay area is the Nike Missile historic site in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It’s open with docent tours the first Saturday of every month, and it’s a fascinating look into what the Cold War really meant.

The Nike-Hercules missiles were nuclear tipped anti-aircraft missiles with a range [...]

Pacific Northwest Road trip — Part 3

OK, so, it’s not quite a year ago (yet) that we did this, but, you know, the pictures keep the memories fresh. Here’s part 1 and part 2 for those that aren’t so fresh.

After the dismal night’s sleep in Chemult, OR, we headed for the Lava Cast Forest to start day 3′s adventures.  Takes 9 miles [...]

Sandy Eggo trip log, Part 1

Call us crazy, but, we loaded up the Bee and the Twinkies and ~200 pounds worth of stroller, diapers, luggage, pack-n-play, and camera gear and were on the open road at 0645 — which was a miracle all in itself considering we didn’t get our “pre-trip todo list” finished until midnight.  When the Twinks woke up [...]

Pacific Northwest travel log, day 2

At only 212 miles covered, day 2 was all about Crater Lake.

We awoke from our caboose cabin and Maia was happily asleep in her locker private room which gave Valerie and I a peaceful morning to ease into the day while the sun peaked over the mountainous horizon. When Maia awoke, she was excited to be [...]

Pacific Northwest travel log, day 1

We are back! Spent 2 weeks on the road with a toddler in tow and we all lived to tell about it. 3119 total miles, averaging 51.1 MPG. — love the new car.

Day 1: San Jose to Dunsmuir – 337 miles.

We got off on a late start; too many last minute things that needed [...]

Pearl Harbor Day

In case this was before your time, as is likely to be the case, 65 years ago today, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Since I blog about things that are all too easily forgotten, what better a subject to post on.

I freely admit, I did not wake up this morning and look at the date and [...]