About Me

Just some random Joe on the internet.

I enjoy a good breakfast, probably more so than most. I used to surf semi-regularly, but not so much any more. I also used to fly regularly, but the the twins have made that (hopefully temporarily) more difficult to find suitably capable equipment — 5+ seat airplanes are harder to come by.¬† Most of the rest of my activities rightfully deserve the “geek” title associated with them.

I don’t mind tackling something¬† that I’ve never done before, which generally translates into, “if it’s broke, I’ll fix it — myself” and then much swearing ensues until it’s done. But, that’s the lesser of the evils as far as I’m concerned.

My first post covered my sentiments about why this blog is here and is mostly still relevant to this day.

If you wish to send a missive, you are more than welcome to fire it off to, john at this domain and you’ll most likely hear back from me.