50 by 18 Project

Valerie and I have a goal to introduce the kids to all 50 states before Miss Maia (our oldest) turns 18 in 2024.   Neither Valerie or myself have visited all 50 states yet and we both feel it’s a an important experience that we can give the kids.

The rules:

  • We shall visit the state as a complete family
  • We must visit at least one significant site of historical, cultural, or scenic importance.
  • We have to visit a state long enough to necessitate needing a meal before leaving.
  • John and Valerie need to have an adult beverage, preferably brewed in state.
  • A post card shall be acquired.

The states already covered prior to starting this Grand Adventure:

  • California
  • Idaho
  • Hawaii

So, good fortune and health permitting, this post will be the launching pad and general project status tracking for many trips to come.  For now, it’s a simple placeholder with grand visions of potential.

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