The open road: 2010 summer trip — Epilogue


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Home sweet home

Nikon D70, ISO 800, ƒ/3.5, 1.6sec, 18mm focal L.

  • Miles on the odometer: 6964
  • Fill-ups: 45 — average of 155 miles/tank
  • Gallons: 129.0 — an average of 54.0 miles/gallon
  • Dollars spent on dead dinos: $391.17 — an average of $3.03 per gallon

The best roads of the trip:

  1. CO-92 Starting about 10 miles south of Crawford until reaching US-50 near Blue Mesa Reservoir. Wide variation of twisties to sweepers with no traffic. Biggest problem is many parts are have a speed limit 35 MPH.
  2. UT-12 from Escalante to Grover — A few (brief) dull spots, but, overall great variation of scenery and fun road to play on
  3. CO-141 between Naturita and Gateway — sweepers till the cows come home!
  4. Talemena Scenic Drive (OK-1/AR-88) — it fairly well connects nothing to nothing, so, there’s no one else on it. One of those roads that was just cut into the terrain with little “engineering”, making an ideal moto road.
  5. US-550 from Durango to Ouray — It’s busy, speed-limited to 35, and probably highly patrolled, but, WOW, that’s an interesting road.
  6. US-12 over Lolo Pass While it was a let down for being over hyped, it’s still a worth while road to head out of the way for.
  7. CA-108 over Sonora Pass. Yeah, it’s my back yard, but, still loads of fun.

So many miles of fun

[click to go to an interactive map]

This was the first trip with a radar detector. I had it wired into the audio system so I could easily hear it at any speed. I chose the Escort Redline because it is supposedly one of the most sensitive detectors available, for which to pick up the faintest signal in the middle of nowhere and give the best chances of getting a warning. Of course, nothing is perfect, but, it definitely saved my bacon a few times.

As I type this, Airventure 2011 is in full swing and I’m sitting at my kitchen table listening to the pitter patter of chill’ns feet scampering around the house. While I always have the notion to hop on the bike and point it in some general direction, the only thing I’m missing right now is spending the time with my dad. A little trip through NorCal is in the works, but, that’s for another ride report.

Until then, thanks for reading!

– Fin –

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