Double Chocolate Nibbed Stout

I needed a nice holiday brew to get me into the new year. Thus, I venture into uncharted territory at the Flight Path Brewery — a chocolate milk stout. The recipe is adapted from this, but, it’s a bit light on the grain bill, and I have a trick up my sleeve that I think will add an interesting kick: cocoa nibs and whole vanilla been in the secondary.  It’s a grand experiment, so, time will tell how it’s going to balance out.

Ingredients for 5 gallon batch:

  • 8.75# RAHR 2-row
  • 1.3# 60L crystal malt
  • 1.0# chocolate malt
  • 0.25# black patent malt
  • 0.75# lactose (1 min)
  • 0.5# cocoa powder (0 min)
  • 1.5 oz Mt Hood Hops , 4.1% (60 min)
  • .25 oz Kent Goldings, 7.2% (30 min)

Batch #14 notes:

  • Mashed @155-156˚F
  • Boiled 90 minutes
  • Only collected about 4.5 gal — left about 0.5 gallon of that plugged up the siphon
  • OG: 1.075
  • Rehydrated S-04 yeast and pitched  11/28/2010
  • Racked to secondary 12/9  with 2 oz of cocoa nibs
  • FG: 1.029 –  6.1%
  • 32 IBU
  • Tasting notes: It’s dark in color — black, almost, with a hing of cream color. It pours out of the tap with very fine bubbles, sorta-of like it was on nitrogen. Aroma has distinct chocolate notes, toasty notes, and a hint of burnt sugar, almost smokey caramel note. Tastes of toasted chocolate nibs, with a bit of creaminess in the finish. The chocolate is not in-your-face candy bar chocolate — there’s no overt sweetness. It’s subdued by the toasted flavor that is either coming from the nibs, or likely the black patent. Admittedly, the first taste is almost overpowering, but, the palette warms quickly and by the third drink you either love it or hate.

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