The Ginger Highlands

Inspired by Highlands Hollow ginger wheat beer, I was under special request to make something similar.  Spoke with the bartender, and he had some idea about how it was made: 75% 2-row; 25% wheat; 3# fresh ginger in a 217G batch added during the last 5-10 minutes of the boil; wasn’t too sure on the hops, but, said they use mostly cascade.  I ended up deviating quite a bit from the guidance and brewed the following:

Ingredients (5G batch)

  • 5.5# 2-row malt (RAHR)
  • 5.5# Malted white wheat
  • 0.25# rice hulls
  • 12gm Sterling hops (4.8) — 60 min.  (nothing special about this, just wanted to use up a remnant)
  • 6gm Cascades hops (7.0) — 60 min.
  • 10gm Cascades — 10 minutes
  • 2.5 oz fresh baby ginger, medium-finely shredded — 5 min.
  • Ginger was asian-market fresh — none of the dried, brown skin you see in most grocery stores
  • US-05 yeast

Batch #10 notes:

  • Mash target 154˙F
  • OG: 1.055.
  • Pitched 8/29/10
  • Racked to keg on 9/6 (8 days in primary).  Sample has very forward ginger flavor, almost like an unsweetened craft ginger ale (soda), but, the wheat beer base is still distinctly present.
  • FG: 1.010, for a 5.9% ABV

Batch #15 notes:

  • Used 5.75# of malt and wheat.
  • Used Golding hops, scaled for AA from original for bittering, and 10gm for aroma
  • 2.9oz grated ginger this time
  • Came up with only 4.5G of wort (at 1.072). Over boiled it. Made up with 0.5G of RO water (unboiled — yikes).
  • Pitched 1/29/11
  • OG: 1.065
  • FG: 1.014 — for a 6.8% ABV
  • Kegged on 2/21. Fermentation went off the morning after pitching, but, the higher gravity just took longer to finish out. I should have racked it about 4-5 days sooner, but, I got distracted with other things. Sample has less forward ginger than I recall on the first batch.

1 comment to The Ginger Highlands

  • Valerie

    The beer has gotten better–it’s a very nice wheat with a mellow ginger taste. Refreshing and not too sweet. In fact, not really sweet at all. It’s my favorite (next to the pumpkin, natch) beer so far. Thanks love for mixing it up.

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