Oshkosh Trip: Day 7

Opening day of Airventure 2009

I know you’re all hungry to see airplane pics, so, let’s just get to it…

Name that airplane — It’s the plane I shall buy when I win the lottery — the *big* lottery! Seats about 12 (depending on configuration).

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.5, 1/800sec, 48mm focal L., map

I wonder if she has to buy her own plane or does Cirrus write it off?

Indeed — Patty Wagstaff does kick ass.

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/22.0, 1/25sec, 27mm focal L. ~0ft from prev photo, map

Icon dubs this the “jet ski of aircraft”.

The new Icon amphibious 2 seater — with car-like interior.

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/9.0, 1/200sec, 55mm focal L.

F86 leading L39′s

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/9.0, 1/1600sec, 300mm focal L.

Dirty Wing on the DC-3 — All those rivets and bolts add drag.

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/16.0, 1/80sec, 35mm focal L.

I have a thing for flying boats. The Albatross has always been a favorite. This would be the second plane I’d get upon winning the lottery. You know, you need a well stocked hangar to properly support the mission for the day.

Grumman HU-16 Albatross — my other dream airplane

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/9.0, 1/125sec, 28mm focal L.

Grumman HU-16 Albatross — There’s literally a bed in the nose.

NIKON D70, ISO 250, ƒ/9.0, 1/160sec, 30mm focal L.

Grumman Goose — with turbine conversion — nice!

NIKON D70, ISO 250, ƒ/9.0, 1/200sec, 38mm focal L.

Retractable pontoons on the Goose

NIKON D70, ISO 250, ƒ/9.0, 1/160sec, 28mm focal L.

They aren’t joking about busiest tower. In 2000, I flew in with the Mooney Caravan that is fortunate enough to have an FAA sanctioned group arrival plan. During the arrival, the group “owns” 2 parallel runways (OK, one is actually a taxiway) for a few minutes time; long enough to get 70ish planes landed, two at a time with each group separated ~4 seconds apart. Sounds tricky, but, it’s better than the standard arrival.

The other way to fly in requires following certain land marks in until spotters on the ground call you on the radio a few miles away from the airport and space you out with other traffic doing the same thing. Nearing the runway, a different controller assigns a landing location on the runway and they land 2, sometimes 3 planes at a time on the same runway! They have giant colored “dots” on the runways and you are instructed to land accordingly to keep the traffic flowing. Typically, all this happens without the pilots talking to the controllers — it’s one-way communication to insure the frequency stays open for the controller’s usage. They often ask the plane to rock their wings if they understood the instructions. It’s a well choreographed ballet.

Worlds busiest control tower — At least for that 1 week period

NIKON D70, ISO 1000, ƒ/8.0, 1/200sec, 300mm focal L.

No appearance was made by SpaceShipTwo.

Scaled Composites White Night II makes a fly by — Was Burt on drugs when he designed this?

NIKON D70, ISO 1000, ƒ/8.0, 1/3200sec, 300mm focal L.

This was all we saw of the Thunderbirds. I’m not sure what the deal was or if they were schedule for later in the week.

The back seater appears to be having a blast — what a lucky bastard

NIKON D70, ISO 1000, ƒ/8.0, 1/5000sec, 300mm focal L.

Pull’n Gs — need more zoom for that distance

NIKON D70, ISO 1000, ƒ/8.0, 1/5000sec, 300mm focal L.

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/7.1, 1/2500sec, 300mm focal L.

This was a bittersweet sight. More info here.

P-51C — “Red Tail” — I’m happy to see this very rare bird flying again. I’m sure Don Hinz would be too.

NIKON D70, ISO 1000, ƒ/8.0, 1/4000sec, 55mm focal L.

This looks like a hoot to fly

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/20.0, 1/400sec, 28mm focal L.

Got 25,000 pounds to hoist up to a remote location or a massive fire to douse? Give these guys a call…

Reborn Sikorsky Skycrane

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/7.1, 1/2000sec, 300mm focal L.

Ungainly contraption

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/8.0, 1/2000sec, 55mm focal L.

Just a few T-34′s — The Navy paint schemes are holding a tighter formation than those in Air Force colors.

NIKON D70, ISO 500, ƒ/8.0, 1/800sec, 200mm focal L., map

Unfortunately, the air show was cancelled for the day due to weather and we got rained on riding back to the hotel. First actual rain of the trip.

Contine on to the second day of the show…

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