Oshkosh Trip: Day 6

Cedar Rapids, IA to Oshkosh, WI, to Beaver Dam — 327 Miles

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We were on the road at 0700 local time and made our way to a Starbucks so Dad could get his fix. When we walked in, the barista and the cashier were reading the paper behind the counter — not a single customer present. In the time that we ordered and consumed our caffeinated treats, I counted 2 drive-up customers and a walk-in. Hope they do better business during the weekdays.

Gett’n out of Cedar Rapids

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.5, 1/500sec, 18mm focal L. @57 MPH ~41mi from prev photo, map

We had a fairly easy mileage day to get to Oshkosh. The show didn’t officially start until the next day, but we could purchase our tickets and check-out any of the displays that were setup.

No more corn fields! — The closer we got to the Mississippi, the fewer corn fields there were.

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.5, 1/1250sec, 50mm focal L. @73 MPH ~65mi from prev photo, map

Had I looked at the map more carefully, I’d have realized that we could have turned right on US-20/IL-35 about 1/2 mile ahead and just caught the NW corner of Illinois and claimed another state on the trip without adding any distance at all to get back onto US-151. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Finally arrived at the mighty Miss — Entering Dubuque, IA.

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.5, 1/1600sec, 18mm focal L. @61 MPH ~6.0mi from prev photo, map

The Mississippi holds a mystique for me that I’d guess is similar to the mystique of the ocean to those that live in the interior US. I’d like to explore it some day on the bike, or even better, on a boat.

Buh Bye Iowa

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.0, 1/2000sec, 29mm focal L. @60 MPH ~2.6mi from prev photo, map

Welcome to Wisconsin

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/4.0, 1/800sec, 29mm focal L. @60 MPH ~593ft from prev photo, map

Layers — Not far down to bedrock

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/10.0, 1/250sec, 44mm focal L. @67 MPH ~9.4mi from prev photo, map

I actually spent some time tyring find a fun road to take on the way through Wisconsin. But, www.wisconsinmotorcycling.com makes it really difficult to use when you need to go from points A to B. Road names don’t do any good for those unfamiliar with the area and they need to show a map of all listed roads. Ohh well, we rolled US-151 for lack of anything better.

There’s probably some fun roads in WI — But, I didn’t really find them.

NIKON D70, ISO 320, ƒ/10.0, 1/160sec, 46mm focal L. @67 MPH ~0.2mi from prev photo, map

Get’n my fill of greasy spoons — Breakfast in Platteville, WI. Oddly, they actually had WIFI.

iPhone, ~9.2mi from prev photo, map

We stopped at the motel and dumped off our gear and then headed to Whittman Airport to get our show tickets and avoid the lines the next day. We were able to catch a sneak peak at some of the displays.

The Sherpa has some incredible performance numbers. For instance, loaded with 1500 lbs of payload/fuel it only needs a 102ft take off roll — very short! Although they don’t have the video posted that they were playing in the booth, check out these if you want to get a feel for what those numbers really mean.

Back country flying on steroids! — Ridiculously short take off and landing rolls with ridiculously heavy loads.

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/4.0, 1/400sec, 18mm focal L. ~158mi from prev photo, map

The Cirrus Jet

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/4.0, 1/250sec, 18mm focal L. map

It was sad to see this display sitting in the location that Mooney Aircraft normally resides. Mooney didn’t show (currently not building planes, last I heard), and I think EAA needed the revenue from their space — so we got a boat in place of the fastest production built piston aircraft out there: the Mooney Acclaim. Sign of the times in aviation, I’m afraid.

Didn’t get the memo — AirVenture is an *airplane* event.

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/10.0, 1/125sec, 18mm focal L. map

We have officially arrived!

NIKON D70, ISO 200, ƒ/10.0, 1/160sec, 40mm focal L. map

Most of the displays were not open, so, we made our way to dinner and then to the motel. You can’t find a motel in Oshkosh that will sell you a room by the night — 1 wk minimum during AirVenture at $200+ a night — no thanks!! So, we stayed 45 minutes down the road in Beaver Dam.

Continue to opening day of Airventure….

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