iPhone software 3.0–email full resolution pictures

I just stumbled on a new feature of the iPhone 3.0 software — using the copy/paste feature, you can send a full resolution picture in an email:

  1. In the picture browser, tap the picture to highlight it and make the “copy” button appear. Tap the copy button.
  2. Close the picture browser app.
  3. Open email app
  4. Compose a new email, and “paste” the image into the body of the email.

If you simply use the “mail-to” button in the photo app, it’ll shrink the image to 800×600 resolution.  Using the copy/paste method, it sends the full 1600×1200 resolution (of the now vintage Gen 1 phone, anyway. New phones prolly have better cameras).

Unfortunately, it still omits all the EXIF data just the same as using the “mail-to” button. I wish it would keep at least some of the basics, like, date+time the picture was taken.

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