Install Givi E370N top case on BWM F800ST

The universal mounting/adapter plate that comes with the Givi E370N top case gives many options for bolt placement, but, unfortunately the rest of the hardware is inadequate to work on BMW F800ST luggage rack.

My goals for the install:

  1. No drilling/modification of the luggage rack
  2. Offer some amount of cushion/padding to prevent the hard case from marring the paint.
  3. Position the bolts at the outside of the mounting plate to provide the most secure attachment
  4. As far forward position possible, given the above considerations.

Additional supplies that I used:

  • Qty 4 — 1/4″ bolts by 1.75″ long
  • Qty 1 — 1/4″ bolt by 2″ long
  • Qty 5 — 1/4″ elastic stop nuts
  • Qty 1 — large outer diameter washer
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Ribbed rubber mat

The mounting points will be 2 “U” shape bolts to wrap around the forward part of the luggage rack, and 1 through bolt at the back.

Since I was unable to find a U bolt with the right geometry at my hardware store, I modified the supplied brackets by drilling 2 holes to form the legs of the U with some regular bolts.

Here’s the bracket punched and ready to drill


The 3 brackets drilled and ready to apply the heat-shrink tubing.


With the heat-shrink and the holes punched through the tubing. I don’t know if the shrink tube will survive, but, it’s gotta be somewhat better than bare metal against the rack.


Next, I outlined the shape of the universal mounting adapter onto the rubber mat to cut.


The rubber mat cut to shape. I plan to but the ribbed side down against the luggage rack.


The supplied hardware kit only had 4 square “washers”, so, I fabricated one by squaring up a round washer with a file.


Now its ready for install. You’ve all seen the bare luggage rack on the F800ST:

F800ST luggage rack

Put the mat down and poke the bolts through the holes punched in it. The four 1.75″ bolts up front, and the 2″ bolt in the back.


Mounting plate down, and the square “washers”, and then the elastic stop nuts.  I chose not to use washers since the bolts were just that much too short. Tight with minimal torque to avoid ripping the washers through the plastic adapter plate.


Underside shot showing how the brackets are arranged. Rear on the left side of frame, and front-right on the right side of frame.


The finished mount!




I like the narrow look of the E370 top-case. Doesn’t look so much like a flying saucer :)

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