Great day for a ride

While most of the masses were watching the Super Bowl, I took advantage of the empty roads and put a 115 miles or so on the cycle. While the miles weren’t huge, it was 3+ hours in the saddle and I wasn’t uncomfortable at the end and could have easily kept on going. Doesn’t sound like much, but, that 10-day Oshkosh trip in July isn’t going give me the luxury of stopping every hour.

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The green of spring is incredible right now. Smoggy San Jose, is, well, ugly.

Lush Hills

But, the tarmac was nice, and I’d never ventured up this stripe heading up the hills on Sierra Rd from the Berryessa exit.


Sierra Rd quickly turns into a 1.5 lane road, and was very quiet. Here’s the the last shot before turning north towards Calaveras reservoir.

Sierra Rd Canyon

Calaveras Reservoir needs some more rain…

Calaveras Dam

I’m always amazed at how quickly you go from strip malls and track homes to range land and cows. This was north of Livermore on Collier Canyon Rd.

North of Livermore

And this little road tucked into a valley between the east bay hills and Pleasanton was quite fun, despite the 25-35 MPH speed limit. The fact that it was deserted made it all too easy to violate said postings. While it was 65-70°F elsewhere on the ride, this valley was a chilly 45°.

Palamares Rd

And, my camera batteries died, but, Morrisson Canyon Rd was the gnarliest, narrow stripe of tarmac I’ve seen in a long while. If two cars met in opposing directions, one of them is literally going to have to back-up for a mile before they can pass.


All photos can be found in the gallery, complete with map location of where they were taken

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