*sigh* 1099

That’s how many pictures are currently in my “unsaved” folder and need to be processed into Lightroom and potentially uploaded into the gallery.

The real shame is the dread it gives me when picking up the camera. Moments with the girls that will never happen again, yet, that dread stops me from pressing the shutter release. My work-flow isn’t all *that* tedious, but, it’s just pointless to take photos if their entire existence amounts to removing free space from my drives.

So, 20 per day; that is my goal. Be done in about 2 months given a small allowance for additional inflow during that time. Enough dwaddling, time to get crack’n!

Update: 1061 now — that was too easy! I sort the unsaved folder recursively by capture time, and the first bunch was mostly already picked through. Just a bunch of discards. Haha.

But, the very next one was this choice little morsel taken from the check-out line at Fry’s Electronics:

Flame Broiled!

I wonder if they are Whopper flavored?  Sprinkle some soda flavor on them, and it’d be like getting the extra value meal in a 1 oz bag! I’ll take 2, please.  Does that count as Having It My Way?

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