Summer Road Trip

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2200 miles, not counting side trips. We are looking at ~14 days time. Traveling with Maia (2 years old), we trying to keep any one day’s driving to less than 6 hours.

  • Leaving Friday. Visit Lake Shasta Dam. Daily tours, most likely options are 1:00, 2:15, or 3:30. No cameras :(
  • Friday night, stay in a CABOOSE CABIN! The Upper McCloud River trail looks cool. Complete with 2 water falls and all. Map it here:, and directions here.
  • Saturday, bum around crater lake, and crash a little ways north at The Dawson House Lodge in Chemult.
  • In Richland — visit the Columbia River Exibition of history, science and technology. Visit da nucl’ar museam.
  • Walla Walla is out of the way, but, Valerie saw the L’cole No 41 winery in the guide book, and went, “Ooh”.
  • Spend another 1-2 days working our way toward Chris and Jenifer’s. Stay where ever we find the need to.
  • Leave out Saturday. Make our way to the Mt. St. Helens area. Staying at Guest House Intl for 2 nights. 501 Three Rivers Dr., Kelso, WA 98626
  • Mt. St. Helens: Go through the Ape Cave lava tube.
  • Monday, check into a near the beach house. Crash for 3 nights there.
  • Go visit Spruce Goose Museum in McMinnville.
  • More to come…

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