RTFM on the new car

Most car owner’s manuals are a drivel of common sense stuff and lawyer induced warnings. There were actually a few interesting tidbits that I learned.

This was from a 2005 Jetta, but probably applies to most A4′s.

  • The power windows can all be opened/closed simultaneously using the key externally. With the key in the door, turn and hold it in the lock position (clockwise) to raise the windows, or the unlock direction to lower all windows. Hold it long enough to get the windows into the desired position.
  • If the battery is disconnected or dies, the above window feature no longer works. It can be reactivated: 1) Close all windows and doors. 2) lock it using the key in the driver door 3) unlock the driver door 4) Lock the door a second time and hold it in the lock position for more than 1 second.
  • There’s a fuel filter heater for cold weather ops that extends the usefullness of #2 diesel down to -10*F where the waxy gel would otherwise clog the filter starting at +20*F.
  • While it does not advocate idling for warm-up (drive slowly instead), it DOES caution to do a 2 minute cool down period “after hard or extended driving” — presumably to prevent coking the turbo bearings.
  • Holding the steering wheel against the limiting stop for >15 seconds will over heat the pump and damage it. Yes, this is common sense, but I find it interesting they put a number to it. Can I do it repeatedly for 14 second bursts with impunity?
  • The “Low Fuel” idiot light comes on with 1.9 gallons left in the tank.

And, I seriously have to question this warning:

  • “The catalytic converter will be permanently damaged by … push or tow starting your vehicle”.

And exactly HOW is that different than turning the engine over with the starter?

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