Allow me to introduce: Baby A and Baby B

Last Monday, Valerie went in for her first pregnancy check-up, which happens around the 10 week time frame. This is when they confirm the due date and you get the first sonogram picture of the baby.

I was supposed to be there but the doctor’s office was running late and I couldn’t wait. I was back at work wrapped around fiber optic cable trying to connect up some test equipment by the time Valerie finished up. I’m in a noisy environment from high-pitched fans screaming in every direction.

My phone rings and I expected Valerie to be a bit miffed that I left the waiting room before the sonogram time came; she wasn’t. She said something that sounded like “we’re having two babies”, and it didn’t really make sense to me. She repeated, “we’re having twins, but don’t worry, both babies are just fine.”

My brain just shut off, “Ok. I’m glad your appointment went well. I’ll talk to you later”. The minimal thought required to plug in the cables in front of me became all the challenge I wanted.

I called her back an hour later, “Were you joking with me?” She assured me she was not. “There are pictures to prove it when you come home.”


Now, almost a week later, we’ve both settled into the reality and are excited about it. Not entirely confident, but, we’ll make the best of it.

I always joked to her that the only way we’d have 3 kids was if we had twins this time. That’ll learn me…

2 comments to Allow me to introduce: Baby A and Baby B

  • Leo Butler

    John, I somehow don’t think this particular story will fade into the ether anytime soon. Congrats!

  • John

    Thanks Leo. What can I say, I couldn’t just post the picture and be done. Fortunately, stories don’t cost the usual “1 page/day” rate that some other writing does. You know what I mean.

    The rest of you: well, you can ask me in person what that means.

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