pchdtv 5500 tuner card setup

The pcHDTV 5500 tv tuner capture card allows Linux users the ability to record television broadcasts using an antenna or from cable. Using MythTV the setup is fairly straight forward, at least, it should have been…

Once it is installed, the first thing is to get the listing service setup. Seams simple enough with not-for-profit Schedules Direct service (now that the zap2it freebie is gone). Signed up for an account and gave the info to myth. Upon trying to run ‘mythfilldatabase’, all I got were a bunch of “500 server error” responses fromĀ  the Schedules Direct server. This less than helpful message was the result of not providing a “lineup”, which identifies exactly what listings you want it to deliver. For instance, I want all of the local broadcasts that I can pick up with an antenna in San Jose. Once that was resolved the capture card was able to complete a station scan and it was up and running.

However, the remote was now dead. LIRC had been previously setup and working fine using a home brew serial port infrared receiver on COM1. Debugging with ‘irw’ showed that all appeared correct — LIRC was happily accepting devices and running fine. But, firing up ‘irw’ gave no output when mashing buttons on the remote.

After much hair pulling, I finally yanked the 5500 tuner card out and, wouldn’t you know: LIRC worked just as it always had. As I suspected, the tuner card was conflicting with COM1. To prove my suspicion, I put the tuner card into a different PCI slot an everything worked perfectly.
I’m no expert on IRQ conflicts, but I think that just might be what it was.

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