GE Adora front loading washer does not drain

Just over a year ago, we bought a new G.E. Adora front loading washer (WHDVH626FWW to be exact) and, for the most part, it’s been a great unit. Very quiet except during the fastest spin cycles.

Twice in the last year it has stopped in the middle of a load and failed to drain the water out of drum.

The problem is that the drain has plugged. There’s a coarse “screen” that traps lint and clothing, preventing them from getting into the drain pump (and thus, causing much more serious problems). Both times this has happened, there was a small article of clothing that slipped past gap at the front of the washer drum, thus finding its way into the trap and, eventually, clogging it completely.

The fix is remarkably simple thanks to GE placing the screen in an accessible location.

  1. First, remove the 3 screws holding the lower front panel in place.

  2. With the front panel off, locate the lint trap as shown below.

  3. Place a large bowl underneath to catch the water that drains out. Note that the bowl pictured was barely large enough. I suggest getting a bigger one. If you don’t have the pedestal, you’ll have to be creative to find something to catch the water.
  4. The drain simply threads out with normal threads (lefty loosey). It should be hand tight. Be prepared for a fairly disgusting mess of junk to come out with the screen — lint, toothpicks, 2 (!) baby socks, etc. in my case.
  5. Clean up the screen and thread it back into place. Re-install the cover and you’re done.

I’ve found that leading up to the wash load stopping without draining, that the wash times get much longer than normal — like 3 hours. So, if you’ve determined that the cycle length is too long you probably have a partially plugged screen that the washer is struggling with.

111 comments to GE Adora front loading washer does not drain

  • Lynn

    Perfect! THANKS. If only I could post a picture of what came out of our machine’s lint filter. 1 large metal bracelet, several pairs of earring remnants, 1 mini screwdriver, lots of change, paper money (rotten), a full 8 ounce cup of actual lint, rusted bobby pins, plastic dental piks, duct tape, Band-Aids, bread clips (that close the loaf of bread)…I’m actually getting tired of listing what came out. THANKS for the easy to follow instructions and pictures. Now the machine is working like a DREAM.

  • Lori

    Thanks so much, you probably saved me at least a $100 on a service call. By the way, I found a pen, guitar pick, earings, nails and etc.!

  • Scott

    A nasty clogged filter that would have cost at least 100 bucks for a service call…cleaned out the filter, works great. Thanks a bunch…great tip!!

  • Brienne

    I just cleaned out our drain (thanks to this web page) the smell was toxic and what all came out was beyond disgusting (however I did make about three dollars in change)! We had been having issues with water left after laundry was taken out, as well as the all day to wash one load of clothes issue! Would never of guess that it was all due to that lint trap!!

  • T

    THANKS!!!! Was trying to get a new one from the hubby, but since I was able to fix this problem I’m stuck with it… LOL! ;) I found keys, money, pens & nails along with all the other nasty stuff.

  • Tim

    Thanks!!! You just saved me a $100 service call. Boy – we found a sock, jewelry, coins, all kinds of stuff that had gotten into this filter. No wonder the washer could not work. Sure would be nice if GE would actually show and tell you how to do this yourself in the manual.
    Thanks again.

  • Belinda

    Thanks so much…washer is working now….found .60 cents and a baggage tag….last year I had the same problem and it cost me $158 service charge. Again, thanks.

  • Patrick Kelly

    I wish GE had this as general maintenance, probably could have saved them $ and bad publicity. I got out $7.11, three pens, screws,nails,pins,and what looked like a dead rodent, but it wasn’t! Forever grateful whoever discovered this fix. Runs great now!

  • Shuntel Rogers

    Thanks so much. This was so helpful. I was about to either pay to get it fix or trash it and throw it away.

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