Orlando, FL

My work sends me off to IEEE meetings in order to help shape the future of Ethernet as favorably as possible for the company. The later is often tough to manage with certain evil empires bringing their hordes to reign influence and vote stuffing everywhere they can.

I found myself with some free time this evening to experiment with ambient light night photography — something I really enjoy doing. Here’s the front entrance to the hotel.

Caribe Royal front entrance

Feels like I never left California.

Coming home, there was quite a view on the 6:05 AM flight.Sunrise over northern Florida viewed from an Airbus 320

2 comments to Orlando, FL

  • Valerie

    Wow…beautiful. I love the pool and wish I’d been able to come. :)

  • Leo

    The shot from the airplane reminds me of that classic Paula Poundstone bit… Pilot comes on the cabin loudspeaker, and in a hushed tone says:

    “Pssst! People on the right side of the plane! Don’t tell the people on the left side of the plane, but there’s some really cool shit you can see out your windows. SHHHHH!”

    Or something to that effect. :-)

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