New Fuzz Ball

Valerie has been working with a small animal shelter to find a cat that is worthy of replacing our two that were abducted about 6 months ago by some coward in the neighborhood. I’ll spare you the details of how we came to learn this, but suffice it to say, the coolest cat I’d ever known is gone and time has finally left us wishing we had another pet again. The woman at the shelter was quite sympathetic to our loss and she seemed to perfectly understand our need to have a tolerant kitty that would be friendly around the baby. Of course, Valerie had her short list of requirements to work into the selection as well (male, short hair, …). Last week, we got a call from her that someone had dumped a box of ~5 month old kittens at her doorstep and there’s a little guy that just might work. Valerie paid a visit and immediately fell in love. He still needed some shots and other vet work at the time so we couldn’t take him just then.

The woman from the shelter dropped by this morning to bring our new fuzz ball to us. We introduced him to the house by leaving him in the bathroom where the liter box resides while we went over some paper work. 10 minutes later, we opened the bathroom door and let him start exploring. He spent about another 10 minutes sniffing around and checking out his new home.


After that, you could hardly tell that he hadn’t lived here his whole life. He’s not the slightest bit shy about people petting him, and once he’s found a mark to give him some attention, he’ll actually follow you around the house hoping more will come. Yup, he’s a keeper. The only question is, what to name him? The shelter dubbed him Cary Grant, but, that just didn’t much suite him. We finally settled on Harvey, as in the band, Harvey Danger.

Harvey checks out Maia Maia gets quite excited around small animals and has a unique vocalization when she spies them. As Harvey goes in for the love’ns, she’s more than happy to reach out and play. But Maia sees his fluffy tail and grabs on with a bit more vigor than necessary. Harvey just looks back and patiently waits to be released and then goes about his merry way.

Click the photo to the right to see more pictures of Maia with Harvey.

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