Webalizer misses Google searches from outside the US

I use Webalizer to track my web server usage and see if any of the info posted here is every used by anyone. Indeed it is getting found by people every day, but, as to the usefulness, I’ll just be optimistic (delusional?) and assume folks are too busy fixing their problems to say “thanks” in a comment.

In looking through apache logs, I found that quite a few Google searches aren’t  making it into the webalizer reports because the rest of the world does not search from “google.com”. No, they come form “google.co.in”, or “google.de”, or any other country root of your choosing.The fix is quite simple — the default search params for Google in /etc/webalizer.conf is:

SearchEngine google.com q=

Which, is fine if you believe the internet stops at .com. Instead, use this:

SearchEngine google q=

and enjoy the new bounty of searches that will be revealed.

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