In tribute to Lex

As an avid reader of, and occasional commenter at Neptunus Lex, it makes me a true interloper. The man has a gift for writing and an incredible ability to keep abreast of world events, offering thoughtful (provoking, even) commentary from a point of view that Just Makes Sense. Lex is the very reason that I don’t even attempt to scribble about such topics here. Even if imitation is considered the most sincere form of flattery — there’s a fine line between that and mockery.

I should also mention that Lex also writes excellent Sea Stories. Which brings me back to the interloper part: he’s a Captain in the Navy. Flew F/A 18s into harms way for many tours. Most of his readers (perhaps commenters would be more appropriate) have some current or past association with the service. About half of the time I comment in order to get a clarification for an acronym that seemingly everyone but me understands. And the group of them humbly oblige with an answer.

Upon learning about Project Valour-IT from Lex, I thought this was the perfect way to say, “thank you for all you do, Lex”. Following my interloper tradition, I joined the team Navy roster to help raise money for the cause. In case you didn’t click the link, the cause is delivering laptops with voice control software to wounded soldiers that have lost the use of there hands.

Now I ask you, my lone reader, to please do what you can to help. Go ahead, it’s there on the sidebar.

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