Blue border around mplayer videos

I’ve been using MythTV for quite some time now as simple way to integrate music and video playback from a home theater PC. It’s a fine package that interfaces with a single remote to operate the entire entertainment center.

But, like most things linux based, it seams that there’s always some tweak needed to make things ideal. The astute reader may have noticed this post has already been given it’s own category — yes, expect more to come about MythTV. The first post for Myth is hardly worth mentioning, but since I just now had to go find the answer to this again, well, that’s grounds for posting here!! So, without further ado:

For whatever reason, mplayer always puts a blue border (line) around the upper and left edge of the video during playback. This annoyance can be simply removed by placing:

xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0

into the .kde/Autostart/ script that was borrowed from Jarod Wilson’s fantastic MythTV Setup guide.

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