Yet another blog?

Yeah, it probably is; but, I’d like to think not. For instance, don’t come here looking for a daily snapshot of my life, my political views, or rants about whatever might be happening in the world. Most of the later will be covered better than I could give proper justice in the others blogs that are (will be) linked to on the right. I offer my apologies in advance, because as sure as I do not intend to become that blog, the eventual deviation is inevitable.

What are my intentions then? To be perfectly honest, I really only wish to archive things that fade from my feeble memory and to share some technical tidbits I’ve learned that took more digging than I think it ought to have in order to put the puzzle together. It is my hopes that the power of Google and others will make these morsels available to the poor sod that’s struggling to solve the same problem.

Part of my motivation is also just to play with WordPress — and by “play”, I don’t mean writing this post. No, I mean installing, configuring and running it. So far so good. Lots of things to toy with…

BTW — I do reserve the right to narrate photos from certain special occasion that I think my friends and family may enjoy.

Just don’t expect daily updates, and we’ll all get along just fine.

3 comments to Yet another blog?

  • I felt I needed to comment on this post with an equally important response:


    Fresh for ’06, what?

  • valerie

    Bookmarked and listed. You blogger you.

  • david

    do you have an email where i can contact you ?? I don’t know how to send one to your ‘domain’ as suggested. I have been using your TDI craigslist generator and would like to know how you created it (given up on diesel VW – we havea Eurovan (VR6) and was looking at a jetta wagon tdi or passat once i found out about 01M trannies and balance shaft chain drives) Now looking at passat VR6 wagon. I am Chemical Engineer dude in Houston, not Silicon Valley dude. Thanks David

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